Online Crossword puzzle on Antonyms and Synonyms

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We challenge you to solve the Online Crossword puzzle on Antonyms and Synonyms in 15 minutes


    • Click to select an across or down clue.
    • Look at the puzzle and type in your answer. If it is right, the background will turn Green.
    • Continue filling in hints until the puzzle is solved.
    • Clicking "hint" will give you the first letter of the answer. Clicking "word" will fill in the entire word.
    • The more answers you fill in on your own, the higher your score. The quicker you solve the puzzle, the higher you score.


    • Start with the clues you know.
    • Fill in all the across and down clues you know.Using the hints provided, go through the across and down clues and fill in the empty ones.
    • Always try solving the shorter words first. Fill in all the three and four-letter clues in the crossword puzzle.The clues for these words can be among the easiest to solve, and can provide hints to help you fill in the longer ones.
    • Think of intersecting words. Suppose that you believe the solution to an across clue is the word carton; the letter c would be the first letter of the solution to a down clue. If none of the possible solutions to the down clue start with a c, you can be sure that the word carton is not the correct answer to the across clue. If you can think of several possible answers to the down clue that start with c, then the word carton must be the solution to the across clue.
    • Insert plural endings.
    • Think of figures of speech and other possible things to which the clue might be referring.

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