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The free online static General Knowledge (GK) questions bank of Vidyaguide is trusted by million+ students to prepare for the GK section of various competitive and recruitment exams like SSC, UPSC, UPPSC, RPSC, MPSC, IBPS, Bank PO, CDS, NDA and other exams.

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The Free GK exams guide has questions, tests and quizzes across the following sections:

Amazing Nature Facts

Animals Food  Human Body
Plants Space

Amazing World  Facts

Africa Asia  Europe
North America South America


Agriculture Economic development  Indian Economy
Industry World economy

General Science

Physics Chemistry  Biology
Environment Science & Technology


Astronomy Economic Geography  India Geography
Physical Geography World Geography

India - General topics

Firsts in India State animals  Classical dances
Important dates

Indian History

Ancient history Modern history  Delhi Sultanate
Freedom movement Gupta period Mughal period
Maurya period Vedic period Indus Valley

India - Polity & governance

Indian Constitution Judiciary  Local government
Political System

United States of America

Presidents list State capitals  State flowers
State nicknames State flags State nicknames
State birds State Mottos

World Topics

Longest, largest, biggest Country capitals  Currencies
Country flags Father of Nation National Sports
Europe Capitals North America Capitals

Other Topics

Books and Authors Awards & Honors  World organizations
Famous personalities Inventions Sports