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Arihant Publications CBSE All  in One Biology CBSE Class 11 for 2018 - 19 Vidyastore

CBSE All in One Biology CBSE Class 11 for 2018 - 19

Arihant Publications

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Author: Hema batra & Shikha Sharma

Edition: Fifth

ISBN: 9312148338

Number Of Pages: 580

Publisher: Arihant Publications

Release Date: 2018


All in One has become synonyms to success for CBSE Class 6th to 12th Students. Its comprehensive Study Material, Accurate and To the Point, and allowing Complete Assessment and Practice has helped them witness resounding success in their academic evaluation as well as competitive.
All in One Biology CBSE for Class XI students has been revised strictly on the basis of latest exam pattern of CBSE Curriculum. It is written by an examiner and gives an in-depth exposure to the major guideline to study efficiently to succeed in the exam. It is divided into 22 chapters as per CBSE syllabus. Every concept has been elaborated in a detailed manner with support of tables, diagrams etc. to help you understand easily. Questions are arranged as CBSE Examination Pattern and covers NCERT Questions & Examples, HOTS, and other important questions. In addition, explanations to those have also been made for better learning. Chapter Practice in between the chapters keeps track of comprehension and 5 Sample Question Papers are given at the end of the book to enable full preparedness.
Invaluably serving as a true companion & Guide, this notable book of Bestselling series All in One is the ultimate source to find yourself achieving the highest grade.

Top Tips to Score the Highest Marks, The Living World, Biological Classification, Plant Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Morphology of Flowering Plants, Anatomy of Flowering Plants, Structural Organisation in Animals, Cell : The Unit of Life, Biomolecules, Cell Cycle and Cell Division, Transport in Plants, Mineral Nutrition, Photosynthesis in Higher Plants, Respiration in Plants, Plant Growth and Development, Digestion and Absorption, Breathing and Exchange of Gases, Body Fluids and Circulation, Excretory Products and Their Elimination, Locomotion and Movement, Neural Control and Coordination, Chemical Coordination and Integration, 5 Sample Question Papers

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