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MyEduLearn CD-ROM Class 6th CBSE - Social Science

Class 6th CBSE - Social Science


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Brand: MyEduLearn


  • CBSE examination preparation
  • Animations, quizzes, solutions for NCERT books

Format: DVD-ROM

Genre: Childrens Science and Nature Software

Legal Disclaimer: The CD / USB will be couriered and the software needs to be installed on PC / Laptop and activated with the key online. The product is non refundable.

Number Of Discs: 1

Operating System: Windows

Publisher: MyEduLearn

Details: Offline e-learning courses covering animations, chapter wise quizzes and chapter wise NCERT solutions. ProjectsforSchool brings myEdulearn's structured digitized content material for CBSE grade 6 Social Science. The entire course material is segmented into 4 to 8 Modules. The study material includes 2D/3D animation and live videos, chapter wise quiz for evaluation along with NCERT fully solved papers and NCERT books. Students can access all the chapters and topics from the beginning, which helps them to prepare much in advance and be ahead of the class always. The study material is comprehensive and works out to be sufficient for students to learn, understand, revise and practice. Validity: 365 days from the date of activation. Geography- 01 Globe 02 India Climate, Vegetation and Wild Life 03 Major domains of the earth 04 Major Landforms of the Earth 05 Maps 06 Motion of the Earth 07 Our Country India 08 The earth in Solar System Civics- 01 Understanding Diversity 02 Diversity and Discrimination 03 What is Government? 04 Key Elements of a Democratic Govt. 05 Panchayati Raj 06 Rural Administration 07 Urban Administration 08 Rural Livelihoods 09 Urban Livelihoods History- 01 What, Where, How and When? 02 On the Trail of the Earliest People 03 From Gathering to Growing food 04 In the Earliest Cities 05 What Books and Burials Tell us 06 Kingdoms, Kings and an Early Republic 07 New Questions and Ideas 08 Ashoka, the Emperor Who Gave up War 09 Vital Villages, Thriving town 10 Traders, Kings and Piligrims 11 New Empires and Kingdoms 12 Buildings, Paintings and Books