Brain Mapping Academy Books Cyber Olympiad Resource Book for Class - 7

Cyber Olympiad Resource Book for Class - 7

Brain Mapping Academy

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Under Review
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Author: Brain Mapping Academy

Edition: 2013


  • Product Condition: Pen / Pencil Marks

ISBN: 938029915X

Number Of Pages: 200

Publisher: Brain Mapping Academy

Release Date: 2013-06

Details: Useful for Cyber Olympiad exams, Computer Knowledge and reasoning enhancement. Salient Features
• Prepared on curriculum, suitable for various central and state boards
• Mental Ability, Reasoning, Computer are covered in this single edition.
• Fundamental concepts are thoroughly revised.
• Exhaustive range of questions that stimulate the interest of the students while testing their knowledge.
• Suitable for all International/National/State Talent Exams like Unified cyber Olympiad, NCO, informatics Olympiad etc.
• Solutions and explanations are provided for selected questions.

EAN: 9789380299150