Digital Teacher - Class VII [for SSC (Telugu States) & CBSE Students] CCE pattern - Animated Lessons - 100% Syllabus mapping


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Brand: digital

ESRBAge Rating: Everyone 10+


  • All concepts and Lab Experiments are available in the form of Multimedia
  • 2D/3D Animations
  • Rich Graphics and simulations,Mind maps (unit, topic level)
  • Text and voice-over, Play and pause animations,Science projects
  • Concept & Lab oriented questions with answers,Drawing skills,Follow-up works

Format: DVD-ROM

Genre: Childrens Reference Software

Hardware Platform: Pc

Number Of Discs: 1

Operating System: Windows ME


Details: Ushering a new age in school education, Telugu States introduced a new syllabus for secondary classes, effective from the academic year 2014-15. The current presentation of the subject is different from the way it was presented in the yester years in more than one way. The deductive approach of teaching science has been skillfully minimized for the content types where it is truly required. The content has been developed keeping in mind the scientific methods of instruction, complementing the newly introduced syllabus of 10th standard. As a much needed welcome change, the abstract ideas of mathematics are presented using real life examples in the new syllabus, along with their applications. The teaching approach of English language has become more scientific keeping in view the significance of communicational skills in present day and age. Digital Teacher helps to eliminate the "Maths Fobia". The introduction of a lesson is presented using animations based on daily life scenarios. Digital Teacher content helps to improve "Scientific Temper". Theories are shown using illustration and animation. Facts of the subject are presented using Smart Art. Digital teacher content helps to "INSPIRE". The activities of the textbook are further divided into Activity, Observation and Learning sections to further aid the teacher to teach the concepts using scientific methods. The subject of Social Studies has been presented as a window to view the outside world and to make the student to appreciate the idea of him or her eventually becoming a global citizen in the near future. In view of these new changes in all the school subjects, it is imperative to embrace technology-based teaching tool to justify the objectives of the new curriculum.

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