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Edurite USB/Pen drive Edurite Combo USB Pen Drive For ICSE CLASS 7 SCIENCE And MATHS

Edurite Combo USB Pen Drive For ICSE CLASS 7 SCIENCE And MATHS


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Brand: Edurite


  • Animated content with rich graphics and voice over
  • Interactive exercises designed to reinforce learning.
  • Chapter wise coverage of key concepts.
  • Self testing tool with performance analyser.
  • Additional information for competitive exams like Olympiads, NTSE etc.

Format: USB Memory Stick

Operating System: Windows 7

Publisher: Edurite

Details: Edurite's quality educational USBs support your child's learning achievement and success. Edurite USBs are made on a simple and captivating way -borrowing the notes from the smartest kid in class. They make learning fun and are the perfect next step for every kid. Students will find every subject's key theories, easily compiled and summarized: critical ideas highlighted, definitions explained, and quiz to review it all. The Edurite USBs provide examples of how math is applied to everyday life with challenging, multi-step word problems. It features practice with problems that are an essential part of the curriculum, making it a perfect complement at home or school. Aligned to present-day state standards, each USB features drill and skill practice in math fundamentals. Similarly, don't let your child's spelling skills depend on autocorrect and spellcheck. Make sure they have the knowledge and skills to pick, apply, and spell words with confidence. With the progressive lessons in this USB, students will strengthen skills and improve their capabilities. USB series provides quality educational activities that build the skills your child needs for math and language achievement and success. No matter what subject or grade, Edurite provides thorough practice and focused instruction to support student success.