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ICSE Class 7 Math Offline Test CD


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Brand: Tupoints


  • Total number of Unit TEST - 52 (780 Questions)
  • Runs without Internet, only internet is required for product registration.
  • Completely mapped to ICSE Board
  • Objective type questions of different types of levels and difficulty, Tests on each topic covering all chapters in asubject,Focus on effective exam preparation and high score in exams
  • Instant auto evaluation with test performance data and grade, Answer sheet with detailed explanation for each question, Comparative analysis of test performance for learning gaps for improvement

Format: CD-ROM

Operating System: Windows

Publisher: Vedicventures Learnings Pvt Ltd

Details: Tupoints is a self practice and assessment program for class 7 Mathematics icse test. It offers topic-wise and chapter-wise practice tests for real exam practice and preparation. The tests consist of objective type(MCQ) questions and have been designed referring to icse book, icse model test papers and board exam test papers. It has a variety of offline test papers and question papers with question-answer and explanation to each question.

This Test Series covers the following chapters as per ICSE book :

Ch1 Sets Ch2 Operation on sets Ch3 Venn diagram Ch4 Number System Ch5 Integers Ch6 Factors and multiples Ch7 Fractions Ch8 Decimals Ch9 Powers and roots Ch10 Average Ch11 Ratio and proportion Ch12 Unitary method Ch13 Speed, distance and time Ch14 Profit and Loss Ch15 Simple Interest Ch16 Fundamental concepts in algebra Ch17 Addition and subtraction of polynomials Ch18 Indices Ch19 Multiplication and division of polynomials Ch20 Factorization Ch21 Algebraic Fractions Ch22 Equation and inequations Ch23 Formulae Ch24 Relations and mappings Ch25 Graphs Ch26 Lines and angles Ch27 Triangles Ch28 Symmetry, Reflections and Rotation Ch29 Congruency of triangles Ch30 Quadrilaterals Ch31 Circles Ch32 Perimeter and area Ch33 Surface area and volumes Ch34 Graphical representation of data (Statistics)