IIT Foundation Series-Class 7 (3 Books Inside!) Maths_Physics_Chem With Key & Sol_CD-ROM


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Author: Team USN Edutech


Edition: 2


  • IIT Foundation Workbook For Classes: VI - IX
  • Subjects Covered: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
  • Boards Covered: CBSE, State Boards with an Integrated Syllabi approach to enable students prepare for Competitive Examinations
  • Features of a Chapter includes: Defined Learning Outcome, Lucidly presented Concepts, Topic/s-wise practice in both school and homework; Chapter-wise practice

Publisher: USN Edutech Private Limited

Release Date: 2018

Details: IIT Foundation PMC Series: These Workbooks enable students to effectively understand, grasp and retain the concepts to ace the all examinations. These Workbooks are prepared by our team of experts with a collective experience of 30 years. These Workbooks helps Students develop the Ability to Understand the Concepts, Retention; Problem-solving & Application Skills, Analytical Ability & Logical Thinking. Students shall gain confidence by extensive practice which these Workbooks offer. This invaluable experience will help them build Fundamental Concept in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry; make them ready to face Competitive Entrance Examinations. Unique features includes: 1. Learning Outcomes: Each chapter starts with Learning Outcomes 2. Lucidly presented Concepts: Each concept is presented in simple, easy & comprehensible language 3. Visibility: Numerous strategically placed tables & charts, illustrations, flow diagrams, Pictures etc., making it readily accessible for effective study of each chapter 4. Concept-wise Formative Worksheet: contains topic/s-wise questions which allow the child to strengthen understanding and application skills 5. Concept-wise Conceptive Worksheet: contains additional questions of the respective concepts for additional practice 6. Summative Worksheet: contains questions based on all the concepts of the chapter placed at the end. The problems in this section involve application of multiple concepts 7. HOTS Worksheet: Higher Order Thinking Skills based questions prepares the child to face new patterns of problems that appear in actual entrance exams 8. IIT JEE Worksheet: Every chapter ends with this Worksheet. It contains problems from previous exams like IIT, AIIMS, CBSE, CET etc. related to the chapter. This builds awareness and confidence in them Key and Solutions for all the questions in the Workbooks are provided separately in a CD-ROM to comprehensively improve your learning