IIT/Medicine Foundation Series-Class VII (4 books inside!) Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology; with Key & Solutions CD-ROM

USN Edutech Private Limited

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Author: Team USN Edutech

Edition: Second Edition


  • IIT / Medicine Foundation Workbook For Classes: VI - IX
  • Subjects Covered: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Boards Covered: CBSE, State Boards with an Integrated Syllabi approach to enable students prepare for Competitive Examinations
  • Features of a Chapter includes: Defined Learning Outcome, Lucidly presented Concepts, Topic/s-wise practice in both school and homework; Chapter-wise practice

Number Of Pages: 576

Publisher: USN Edutech Private Limited

Release Date: 2018

Details: IIT/Medicine Foundation Series Workbooks enable students to effectively understand, grasp and retain the concepts to ace the IIT/Medicine entrance examinations. All Workbooks are prepared by our team of experts with a collective experience of 30 years in various academic fields. These Workbooks helps Students in developing the Ability to Understand the Concepts, Retention; Problem-solving & Application Skills, Analytical Ability & Logical Thinking. Students shall gain confidence by extensive practice which these Workbooks offer. This invaluable experience will help them build Fundamental Concept in Mathematics and Sciences; make them ready to face Competitive Entrance Examinations. Unique features includes: 1. Learning Outcomes: Each chapter starts with Learning Outcomes. 2. Lucidly presented Concepts: Each concept is presented in simple, easy & comprehensible language. 3. Visibility: Numerous strategically placed tables & charts, illustrations, flow diagrams, Pictures etc., making it readily accessible for effective study of each chapter. 4. Concept-wise Formative Worksheet: contains topic/s-wise questions which allow the child to strengthen understanding and application skills. 5. Concept-wise Conceptive Worksheet: contains additional questions of the respective concepts for additional practice. 6. Summative Worksheet: contains questions based on all the concepts of the chapter placed at the end. The problems in this section involve application of multiple concepts. 7. HOTS Worksheet: Higher Order Thinking Skills based questions prepares the child to face new patterns of problems that appear in actual entrance exams. 8. IIT JEE Worksheet: Every chapter ends with this Worksheet. It contains problems from previous exams like IIT, AIIMS, CBSE, CET etc. related to the chapter. This builds awareness and confidence in them.