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LearnNext CBSE Class 7 Maths, Science, Social Science & English DVD


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Brand: LearnNext


  • Interactivity - By using interactive formats like games, quizzes, experiments LearnNext offers a highly engaging learning experience.
  • Unmatched clarity of concepts - Engages students attention like never before, by teaching them with tools that they love. This creates unmatched conceptual clarity and enhances long-term memory of lessons.
  • Independent Learning - The enjoyable learning process creates independent learners, who can set their own pace of studying.
  • Better academic performance - It gives detailed performance reports that allows students and parents to identify strengths and work on weak areas.
  • Smart Scheduling - LearnNext teaches you the value of time management by optimizing your study period. The Calendar Feature ensures that you cover every topic, and also have sufficient time for revision and self-assessment.

Format: DVD-ROM

Genre: Childrens Math Software

Number Of Discs: 2

Operating System: Windows 98

Publisher: Next Education India Pvt Ltd

Details: LearnNext is a computer based interactive, independent and intelligent learning solution for students of classes 6 to 12. Maths, Science, Social Science and English lessons of CBSE, ICSE and all other State Boards of India have been covered in an interesting animated format. Our engaging animated videos will make you remember at least 2 times better and perform better with increased confidence in tackling tough problems, one can watch videos multiple times until one understands the concept with skill level scores, solutions, feedback and recommendations.