Njoy N Learn Cbse Class 7 DVD Set - Science

BodhaGuru Learning Private Limited

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Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Audience Rating: Universal


  • The 400+ minute videos in this 2 DVD set will help children in class 7 to build strong Science fundamentals for the core topics that will be used life-long.
  • The relevant animated stories make topics interesting and also teach moral values.
  • The real life examples connect topics to its practical usage and teach application of knowledge.
  • Simple explanation with rich animation makes topic very easy to understand.
  • Can run on any modern day PC or DVD player.

Genre: Kids & Family

Legal Disclaimer: This product is licensed for personal use only. Copying, renting, leasing or using on multiple screens is strictly prohibited.

Media Type: dvd_r

Number Of Discs: 2

Platform: Windows

Publisher: BodhaGuru Learning Private Limited

Release Date: 2014

Running Time: 400

Details: This DVD set includes two dual layer video DVDs (8.5 GB each) containing BodhaGuru fun-n-learn based animated educational videos for Science subject - for children studying in class 7. The audio in these videos is in English language. These 400+ minute animated videos will enable children to understand the core concepts of Science easily. These videos are mapped to CBSE curriculum i.e. CBSE class 7. The same concepts are also applicable to Indian state boards and ICSE too. These videos are running in a large number of schools within India and abroad and have yielded tremendous improvement in learning outcome in children. Requirement: These DVDs can be played on any PC or DVD player that supports reading "dual-layer DVD" (most modern day PCs and DVD players supports dual layer DVDs). You can use VLC player or any other video DVD software on PC to play this DVD. Usage: Just plug-in the DVD in your DVD player or PC and easily browse the content in this DVD. Each DVD has a nice menu to easily select a particular topic (i.e. chapter) and then learn by watching corresponding self-learning animated videos. The videos includes story videos, detailed concept videos and real life example videos. The total self-learning video duration in this DVD set 400+ minutes (6.5+ hours). The chapter list for Science includes: 1. Light 2. Effects of Electricity 3. Fibre to Fabric 4. Motion 5. Heat 6. Changes 7. Atom Molecule 8. Acid Base 9. Environment 10. Plant Reproduction 11. Habitats & Adaptation 12. Respiration 13. Nutrition 14. Excretion 15. Transport in Living Organisms 16. Forest 17. Water 18. Rainwater harvesting 19. Underground Water Recharge Have fun, while you learn !

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