V&S Publishers Books Olympiad Value Pack Class 7 (4 Book Set)

Olympiad Value Pack Class 7 (4 Book Set)

V&S Publishers

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Edition: 1

ISBN: 9357942068

Publisher: V&S Publishers

Release Date: 2018-05-01

Details: Appearing for Olympiad exams? Are you eager to crack this prestigious exam? Look no further! This result-oriented book-set has been written by teachers who have helped thousands of students to clear the Olympiad exam successfully year after year. Now it's your turn... There are 10 sets; one set for each class from 1 to 10, consisting of either 3 or 4 syllabus based books for Olympiad exams. You don't need to go out and buy any other book. Just the set you are holding is sufficient. The expert treatment given to each subject (English, Science, Maths or Computer) in a simple language is bound to generate confidence in grasping the subject thoroughly. Better understanding helps you to do well in this exam. This has been prepared with utmost care to provide accurate, relevant and best study materials for students not only for preparing but also for coming out successfully in flying colours in Olympiads and other competitions. Each book is tailored to give students an insight and proficiency into almost all areas of a subject. There are various chapters and each chapter comes complete with theoretical content exactly on the pattern set by the examining body. To boost familiarity with the actual exam set-up, adequate numbers of exercises have been included. In addition, practice sets patterned on the lines of the questions asked in the precious years' Olympiad exams have been included. In addition, answers & explanations for the practice sets have been provided at the end. With ample study as well as practice materials given in the set, it for sure will help aspirants score high in the upcoming Olympiads and other competitions.

EAN: 9789357942065