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Olympiadtester Books Science Olympiad Master Guide - Class 4 :  200 Worksheets with Free Online Content worth Rs 1500

Science Olympiad Master Guide - Class 4 :  200 Worksheets with Free Online Content worth Rs 1500


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www.olympiadtester.com is the leader in Olympiad exam preparation in India, United Arab Emirates and Singapore. Our content is created by graduates from top engineering and academic institutes to impart deep and personalized learning for our students. 

Over 77,550 students trust Olympiad tester to prepare for various Olympiads and Assessments in Science (NSO, IAIS Science, iOS, NSTSE, ASSET Science), Maths (IMO, IAIS Maths, iOM, ASSET Maths) and English (IEO, iOEL, IAIS English) 

Edition: 1

ISBN: 1643242776

Number Of Pages: 446


The Science Olympiad Master Guide for Class 4 from Olympiad tester is a valuable preparation kit to excel at various Science Olympiad exams. The guide is designed around the Olympiad syllabus: Plants, Animals, Human Body, Earth and Universe, Matter, Work, Force and Energy and Our Environment.

This book has 200 worksheets with the following features:

• Different worksheet formats like crosswords, word searches, column matching, clozes, cryptograms, word / sentence scrambling, and category sorting will ensure that the concept of the child are deeply tested in each chapter.

• All worksheets have parent control answer sheets

EAN: 9781643242774


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