Pearson Education Books Universal Mathematics for CBSE Class 7 by Pearson

Universal Mathematics for CBSE Class 7 by Pearson

Pearson Education

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Author: Jayashri Bhattacharya

Edition: 2017

ISBN: 9352864476

Number Of Pages: 260

Publisher: Pearson Education

Release Date: 2017-12

Details: Universal Mathematics is a series of ten books for students of pre-primary to
Class 8. The series adheres to the National Curriculum Framework 2005 and
the books have been designed in accordance with the latest guidelines laid
down by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT).
All the books are written based on extensive research and each chapter
provides exercises featuring a variety of questions to help the learners gather
enough practice for better applicability in real life situations. The series is
innovative in its treatment of the subject and integrates, in every chapter, the
theory of multiple intelligences propounded by Howard Gardner.

• Know Your Field at the beginning of each chapter clearly defines the topics covered within a chapter

• Net Practice provides a recapitulation exercise from the previous class

• Tips, Remember and Catch Your Mistakes, wherever appropriate within the text, stress on important points and prevent students from
committing common mistakes

• Innings questions interspersed within the text provide practice of the mathematical concepts just learnt

• Honing Multiple Intelligences nurtures the various intelligences and provides a holistic learning experience

• Highlights at the end of each chapter lists a quick and easy summary of the concepts learnt

• Chapter Innings at the end of each chapter includes mental maths questions and text-based problems for detailed revision

• Googly includes interesting questions that stimulate the higher-order thinking skills of the learners

• ReaVife Connect showcases the application of mathematics in the real world

• Maths Lab Activity offers additional projects and lab activites to make the learning experience more enjoyable and interesting

• Unit Innings for classes 6 to 8, enables students to practice questions from an entire unit

• Answers at the end of the book provides answers to the exercises

• Stickers for Primers A and B and Posters for classes 1 and 2 make learning fun

Table of Contents Unit 1 - Learning about Numbers
1. Integers
2. Fractions and Decimals
Unit 2 - Extension of Number System
3. Rational Numbers
4. Exponents and Powers
Worksheet I
Unit 3 - Algebra
5. Simple Equations
6. Algebraic Expressions
Unit 4 - Commercial Mathematics
7. Comparing Quantities
Worksheet 2
Unit 5 - Geometry
8. Lines and Angles
9. Triangle and its Properties
10. Congruence of Triangles
11. Practical Geometry
12. Symmetry
Worksheet 3
13. Visualising Solid Shapes
Unit 6 - Mensuration
14. Perimeter and Area
Unit 7 - Data Handling
15. Data Handling
Worksheet 4
Worksheet 5
Worksheet 6

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